Blog Mashup Sunday

From now on I’ll post the best blogs I’ve read last week on Sunday’s, so here are a couple I would like to recommend!

Great Informative Blogs

Peter Saint Clair’s Westboro Baptist Church – a fascinating post about a hate group

Piper Bayard’s (and Holmes’) What’s up in Egypt – Holmes shares some interesting insights about the current situation in Egypt

Margarita Tartakovsky’s The Birth of the Mental Asylum – An interesting post about how mental asylums developed into becoming a horrifying place where people were abused and neglected

Blogs on Writing and Publishing

AJ Zaethe’s World Building: Order in the Court! – a great post on how to implement law systems in your fantasy world.

Albert Berg’s Scheduling for Success – directed at writers, but useful not only to writers!

Joanna Penn’s Psychology for Writers with Carolyn Kaufman – a very interesting podcast on how writers should use psychology in writing

Rachelle Gardner’s Don’t Take This Personally – It’s business. A great blog on how you shouldn’t take things personal. (And I love You’ve Got Mail, secretly).

Blogs on Social Media

Jane Friedman’s How to Meaningfully Grow Traffic to Your Site/Blog –  A great post with advice that everyone with a site and/or blog should memorize

Kristen Lamb’s Wonder Twin Powers… ACTIVATE! Introverts and Extraverts unite! – A funny and informative post being introverted and extroverted on Twitter (Also, you totally need to check out her We Are Not Alone book on social media for writers. It’s brilliant, it taught me all the essentials on social media!)

Enjoy! :D