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I guess instead limiting myself by just calling it “Blog Mashup Sunday”, I could call it “casual Sunday” so I can share a little more than just blogs :p.

Last week was very interesting. Last Wednesday I went on excursion with my class. We went to a forensic psychiatric facility. This is a one of a kind facility in The Netherlands – most hardcore criminals of which they suspect have psychiatric issues are sent here for observation. A psychologist and psychiatrist told us about the work that they do there, which was absolutely fascinating, but at the same time also horrifying. You see, I was genuinely thinking “this might be something I would like to do in my future”. But when the psychologist told us about how he has to motivate the criminals to talk about how they raped a girl and how they felt about it, or ask a someone “why did you stab that guy? Could you describe what happened?”… Just to see whether or not they have a psychiatric illness, well, I was a little shocked.

I’m not sure what I thought before, because working in a forensic psychiatric facility like this one is not for softies. I don’t consider myself a softie but this is really very hardcore.

We were also introduced to a group leader, who spends the most time with the criminals during their daily activities. They play sports and do crafts together. The group leaders play an essential role in the observation because of that. It was funny because she was a really pretty, blonde, young girl and we were all a little surprised about that. Doesn’t that just trigger the criminals? Our teacher (the Head of the Legal Dept. there) told us that it actually has a very positive effect on the criminals, that they often tend to trust her more easily. Funny, that.

Anyway, the group leader was showing us the cells the criminals stayed in (one was vacant), and all of a sudden a couple of vicious looking, (surprisingly young) guys were in our midst. Apparently their craft session had ended early and they were already brought back to their floor. I guess people didn’t know we were visiting. Can’t tell you how sweaty my hands were at that moment… Lucky for us nothing happened… Except that we were rushed back to a safer location!

Well, that was this week’s interesting experience I was dying to share, Lol!

Anyway, I have a couple of reaaallyyy busy weeks ahead of me. I’ve an exam next wednesday, on Diagnostics, and then the week after I have a resit for Methods and Statistics 3 (boo, maths!). I’ll probably be around as much as I usually am because I hate studying, but if I’m not, then you know I’ve finally stopped procrastinating.

Although I think that chance is infinitely small, I’m just putting it out there… One can hope!

As for writing. I’ve been so busy with school and blogging lately that I’ve barely had any time at all to write. But I’m getting better! I decided to put everything I have to do – including writing deadlines and what not, in my Google Calendar. And it’s working! I’ve finally finished editing the short story I started two months back. It’s called Perception and I’m very excited about it. It’s around 5000 words. I think I’m going to try and find a contest and see how far I’ll get.

I’d say that’s enough casual rambling!

Next up, the blog mashup for this week! :)

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Social Media and Writing

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And because I love XKCD: Major in the Universe (mhahaha).

Enjoy! :D


(OH and before I forget. What do you use to keep track of the blogs you want to read? I personally use and am thoroughly in love with it.)

2 thoughts on “Casual Sunday”

  1. Hi Manon. Your post makes me laugh. I was originally a psychology major. As a graphoanalyst, I put together an independent study program for myself with the goal of studying the handwriting of insane people at the local institution. When I realized I’d be left alone with the violent, 300 lb woman who constantly thought she was having babies and the man who swore he was the 634 year old, criminally insane Jesus, I changed my major to biology. (Btw, ended up finishing in technical writing.) Thanks for your post and for the shout out. :)

  2. Glad I could make someone laugh, lol!

    That sounds like a hell of a job, but studying their handwriting sounds really interesting! Could you conclude anything interesting before you left (which I can imagine was quite quickly? :p)

    Biology I guess is safe until you have to start cutting in dead frogs and mice and such, haha :D

    And, you’re welcome as always! :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

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