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Hearing Only One True Note

This Sunday’s theme song is Roisin Murphy’s Ramalama. A few years ago, dancers of So You Think You Can Dance used this song in a performance, which I thought was pretty neat.

I’m a little late today because I spent the day at my dad’s, his girlfriend was away to a congress and my boyfriend was away for the weekend, too. We cooked and ate lovely food and just had a splendid time together, it was lovely. Of course it meant I totally forgot about having to write a blog for today.

Back to School

Last week Uni started again, so far so good. I now know what the topic will be for my bachelor research thesis, it’ll be about fear appeals. You know what they are: the images they show you to scare you and change your behavior, i.e. images of rotten teeth (and warnings) on cigarette packaging. We’re free to choose what exactly we want to research, but the next few weeks we will have to focus on familiarizing ourselves (my two other team mates and myself) with the topic. So there’s that.

ROW80 Update

As for the writing, I didn’t achieve much this week due to being stuck, but I think I  found a cure. Long live James Scott Bell. I’ve also decided that I want to organize all my writing work in Scrivener, which is what I’m working on. I had so many documents and text notes and what not that it was just becoming a big mess. I hope this will help me find some clarity, and perhaps Scrivener is something I can continue to use for my writing. Nevertheless, I wrote around 1500 words last week, which is only a 1000 less than I’d planned.

I finished Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell – this truly was an excellent book on writing and so far, the best I’ve read. Now, on to Save the Cat. I also recently purchased Writing the Breakout Novel by Dondald Maass and I look forward to reading this book, too.

The Blog Mashup

Interesting & Fun stuff!

Recipe for Mint Thins @ Serious Eats – we don’t have girl scouts and their legendary cookies here, so I wonder if these are similar!

The Complete History of Time Paradoxes  @ – pretty fascinating

Optical Illusions with an Einstein Mask @ youtube – this is a freaky illusion, and it freaks out Stephen Fry and his guests! Does your brain do the same thing?

The Most Amazing Space Pictures of 2011 @ – I love pics of space and these are all absolutely gorgeous. I want them all for desktop wallpapers.

Driving Mr. Dexter – Dexter Morgan, Part 1 @ Doing the Write Thing – I love everything Dexter so clearly I love this xD

Writing & Related to Writing

I Am Creative. I Am An Author. From Affirmation To Reality. @ The Creative Penn – a personal post by Joanna, but an inspiring one, for sure.

Why Your Protagonist and Antagonist Should be Stuck Like Glue @ K.M. Weiland’s Wordplay

Voice Begins with Word Choices @ Fiction Notes

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Don’t Be Fooled Into a War You’ll Lose

This Sunday’s theme song is one of my favorite songs ever, Games You Play by Splashdown. I’m sad they existed only for a short time (1996-2001) – I still think their music is brilliant. The band eventually released their music online for free, and you can download their work here.

Serious Business

I’m currently experimenting with working at home on a schedule. I usually get sucked into chores, interesting/random/pointless stuff online or with whatever else that’s vying for my attention. So far, it’s worked quite well. I can work a whole lot more structured and I actually produce something.

The following is my daily roster (and yes I don’t have a day job so I can actually do this. Don’t ask me why I didn’t before):

08:30 Get up, get a shower, etc.
09:00 Have breakfast while reading blogs, the news and do some social media
10:00 Writing time
10:45 Break
11:00 Social Media
11:15 Writing time
12:00 Break
12:15 Blog writing time
13:15 Lunch break
13:45 Social Media
14:15 Writing time
15:00 Break
15:15 Whatever remains to be done
16:00 End of the day

Total social media time: 1:45 hours
Total writing time: 2:15 hours
Total blog writing time: 1 hour
Total break time: 1:15 hours

I scheduled in a lot of breaks and spend only a short amount of time on each of the tasks. This because I know I get bored quickly and then my thoughts start to wander off. This way I can keep my brain fresh and active. I think this way I’ll become a lot more productive and I know that I need some more structure in daily life. So this is good! I’m afraid though that when Uni starts again I’ll not be able to write as much, but I guess I’ll just plan an hour or two for studying every day.

Well, I’ll continue to test this out and see what happens. I might just toy around with the blocks a little to see what works best for me.

  • Still working hard to catch up with the word count, but I trust that I’ll be able to catch up soon due to the schedule above.
  • Made a huge mind map for my main character and plot along the lines of Plot & Structure and I’m very happy with it. It cleared some things up for me about my story, too.
  • About 75% through Plot & Structure!
  • Still right on track on the blog posts :)

The Blog Mashup

Fun & Interesting stuff

People who doodle learn faster @ – I knew it!

Yellow Birthday Cake with Fluffy Chocolate Ganache Frosting @ Serious Eats – I’m considering baking this for my birthday party next week. It sounds delicious.

Two Minutes Hate: Sonic Screwdrivers @ Jay Kristoff – Jay always cracks me up with his Two Minutes of Hate Posts. And he’s right once more!

Qaddafis on the Loose @ Foreign Policy - A guide to the latest mysterious sightings of Libya’s first family as they run for cover.

Monday Musings – The Sea Turtle @ Wosushi – I thought this was such a sweet post. It will make you smile instantly.

Writing & Writing related stuff

How to Get More Readers to Your Blog @ Pushing Social – Try this out. I love Pushing Social, it always has brilliant advice.

What Does Your Character Want? @ Mystery Writing is Murder – another great post by Elizabeth Craig!

Is Free Too High a Price? @ The Creative Penn – it might surprise you but the first thing I’d do when I’d publish my book, is put it on pirate sites.

4 Tricks for Improving Your Fiction in One Day @ Victoria Mixon

Coming up next week…

Tuesday: Weird Phenomenon – The Mothman

Wednesday: #writepsych tweetchat 1 PM – 3 PM GMT-0 (look up your own timezone here)

Thursday: Top 10 - Defenses Against Criminal Charges

Friday: Psychology – Mass Psychogenic Illness (Mass Hysteria) and MY BIRTHDAY >.>

Sunday: Another blog mashup!

ROW80 check-in, July 27

(July 27!! Time seriously flies!)

So far I’m still on track. Wrote more than 500 every day (not much more but at least I still reach my goal every day). This weekend I’m going to visit Berlin (Friday to Monday) so I wonder if I’ll find any moment to write, but I’ll try to make time for it, at least before I go to bed. That’s what I’ve been doing lately and it works really well for me.

I’m still waiting for my books to arrive. Dunno what’s taking them, but all I can do is wait, right?

Still on track as for the blogs, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to write my Friday post in time – I seriously forgot that I’d be away this weekend. Somehow these History of Psychological Treatment posts are just not working. Every time I want to write and publish them, there is some obstacle that prevents me from even starting it. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. I’m considering moving on to a different topic. *sigh*

Tomorrow is my driving exam, I’m somewhat restless because of it but I know I’ll be fine.

Ahh… Well, see you next time!


ROW80 check-in – July 24

I sort of forgot to post this yesterday… >.>

Anyway, I’m still going strong! I’m still waiting for my books to arrive, though. They were shipped the 21st so it can’t take much longer!

As for my word count goal, I’ve passed 500 words every day (6/7, of course) so far, twice I even passed 1000. One day I didn’t write as much words as I should have but I made some major edits to the WIP so I can forgive myself for that!

I’m right on track for the blogs, too. I posted five blogs last week, as planned. However, I didn’t post my friday blog (about Lobotomy), because I didn’t have time for it :( Bad planning, I know.

I did decide that my blog schedule is too intensive as it is. I barely have time to actually write anymore, and that’s not what I want. So what I decided is that I will publish my Criminology and Psychology posts (that I usually post on Monday and Friday) every two weeks. One week I will publish the criminology post, the week after the psychology post. These are also the most intensive posts to write, so I’m actually very happy with this schedule. That way I take away some pressure, but I still continue to post about these topics because they are great to write and to share.

Well, that’s it for now! Wednesday I’ll post the next check-in!

ROW80: Update July 20

Word count goal (500 words, 6 days a week): I have written 0 words on Sunday (my free day), 574 on Monday, 616 on Tuesday.

Read 2 books on writing: I have ordered Save the Cat and Plot & Structure and as soon as they arrive I will start reading them. It’ll probably take a while for them to get here though since they’re sent here from the UK ( <3).

Publish 5 blogs a week: So far I have been on schedule with my blogs!

The only think I have no yet worked on is my goal “outline Aeon by Story Engineering standards”, simply because I have not yet had the time.

I’m quite impressed with myself that I am actually doing this :D It’s very exciting. Also, I found that when I really turn off the internet, so not just close my tabs, but cut my internet connection, I am a lot more productive, even if I can’t research while I’m writing.

So far so good!

Plunging into ROW80 (July 17)

I’m late to the party, but since we’re allowed to join later, too, I thought I’d still participate.

My goals:

1. Read 2-3 writing craft books (at least Save the Cat – Snyder, Plot & Structure – Bell)

2. Word count: 500 a day, at least 6 days a week

3. Work on a general outline for Aeon by Story Engineering (by Larry Brooks) standards

4. Publish 5 blogs a week (not counting the ROW80 check-in posts)

Well, that’s it! I’m especially nervous about the word count because I tend to procrastinate a lot.

Here we go!