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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

And yes, it be Sunday again!

Today I’d like to discuss guilty pleasures.

I always thought I didn’t really have one, but I do.

I absolutely ADORE this website TomandLorenzo.com. It’s a blog written by a gay married couple, who post approximately six blogs a day (impressive, right).

These blogs are on fashion (my favorite is their red carpet commentary), reality TV (although I only read the posts on Project Runway, I’m a fan) and television shows (they covered Lost, V, Mad Men, Glee, you name it).

What I love is that they’re incredibly sharp, open-minded and witty! They usually make me laugh at least once a day. If I haven’t read their blog for a couple of days, I’ll make a cup of tea, sit down and just read all the blogs they posted (and with their high output rate, that usually has me settled for an hour).

They have thousands of readers and get hundreds of comments on every post. I know I write in a very different genre than they do, but I truly admire them as bloggers. I think they’re a great example of “how to do it”.

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be wasting my time with superficial stuff like red carpet commentary. But it’s so much fun to just look at a dress of some lame celebrity and say “OH MY GOD YOU LOOK HORRIBLE” with the appropriate facial expression. It’s just a way of letting off steam! That’s what makes it my guilty pleasure.

So tell me, because I’m curious, how do you let off steam? What is your guilty pleasure?

And now, it’s time for another blog mashup!

Fun & Interesting blogs

The Past, Present & Future of Email [INFOGRAPHIC] @ Mashable.com – This was pretty interesting to see!

Cybernetic cat ears read your brainwaves and let the world know if you need a cheeseburger @ io9.com – Somehow I’m afraid I’d get brain damage if I’d wear these ;p

Will Ferrell Reprises Role as George Bush Impersonator, Reacts to Bin Laden’s Death [VIDEO] @ Youtube – this seriously had me laughing my ass off.

32 Examples of Awesome Star Wars Graffiti @ io9.com – May 4th was Star Wars day (“May the Fourth be with you”) – reason for this awesome collection of Star Wars graffiti!

Explore Twitter’s Evolution: 2006 to Present @ Mashable.com – Another really interesting article

Find your sign on the sci-fi geek zodiac @ Blastr.com – What’s your sign? Mine was Pirate. In all seriousness, I’ve always wanted to be a pirate, so this was kinda cool and satisfying :p.

Speaking multiple languages can give you multiple personalities @ io9.com – quite interesting. Is my English speaking personality very different to my Dutch one? I do wonder…

Blogs on Books, Writing, Publishing, Social Media and all that

Genre Map @ Bookcountry.com – This is awesome. Explore the genre maps and find out what other books are closest to your writing style.

Twitter v. Facebook @ Bookends, LLC. – Interesting insights.

Subtle Ways to Come Out of the Writing Closet @ Elizabeth Craig’s Mystery Writing is Murder – I need to practice this. I did add my title “author” and contact info to my email signature!

Join in the Love Revolution–#MyWANA @ Kristen Lamb’s Warrior Writers – This is no joke – join us, writers! You’ll get brownies and good coffee!

My Secret Lover @ Jack Flacco –  Ah yes, the secret lover. A great description of the writer’s odd habits!

The Art Of The Blurb Request @ Pub Rants

My Secrets to Successfully Growing My Social Media Followings @ Jody Hedlund

What’s in a Name? @ Jami Gold – Kvothe told me names are powerful things.



and of course… Progeny @ xkcd.com