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Wicked, Wicked

I just got my first very own skates! :D I’m very excited. I also ordered knee and elbow protection, a helmet. I bought a mouthguard and wristguards, too. I guess I’m stuck, now! No turning back!

Additionally, I have something pretty neat to announce! My Roller Derby name :D Every derby girl, worldwide, has a unique derby name. Because I already knew I wanted to play for some time, I’d already been thinking about it for a few weeks before my first training session. My name is…


I’m extremely excited about it! It’s actually the title of an Asian Steampunk book (first in a trilogy) my Australian buddy Jay Kristoff wrote and is about to be published next year. I asked him permission to use the name and he said a-okay! \o/ (P.S. his blog is really awesome and funny too, so go check it out!)

Other than that, last week’s been calm. Worked a lot on both the bachelor thesis and the other assignment (for International Organized Crime) I have to hand in November 1. Thank goodness I’m working on that one with someone else, she’s been a life saver so far. I’m spread way too thin!

Tomorrow’s the last International Organized Crime class – already. It’s pretty insane how fast time flew by, I feel like this school year only just begun and we’re already almost through October. Insane.

And also, for the sake of randomness, this song is stuck in my head.

Blog Mashup

Fun & stuff

Cracked.com + 6 Misleading Assumptions You Make About Quiet People @ The Mirror – I totally agree to this post. We’re not weird!

75 Prefab Floating Homes Form a Houseboat Town in Holland @ Dornob – how cool is that, I really need to go see them irl!
Imperial History of the Middle East (Interactive) @ Maps of War - This is an absolutely amazing animation! Maps of War is pretty cool in general actually, if you want to learn more about past wars. History of Religion is another cool one!

Robot Apocalypse is slowly coming closer… More proof! Brain linked to robotic hand; success hailed @ Kurzweil AI

Writing and Social Media and all that

7 Social Networking Mistakes To Avoid @ The Creative Penn

8 Plotting Points @ Lynette Labelle

Get More out of Google + @ Problogger

Grammar interlude—using ‘they’ for third-person singular @ Victoria Mixon

India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You

Today’s theme song is Schradinova’s India Lima Oscar Victor You. This is a Dutch singer, and she’s absolutely amazing – I saw her live twice with her previous band (Room Eleven), and she’s as good live as (if not better than)  recorded. This is my favorite song of her latest album.

Square Eyes

We got a new TV. It’s my mom’s old one – she and her fiancé are going to live together soon and he has a bigger one, so she gave hers to us.

We sit some distance away from our TV, it’s set in a wall with shelves built in it, sort of. Before we had a decent-sized (although maybe a little small26″ inch LCD TV. The one we have now is a meager 37″ LCD.

It didn’t fit in our shelf wall (and there is ample space, honest!). It sort of fit, we could make it stand in between the shelves, but the front part, the screen itself, leaned somewhat awkwardly forward, and it looked as if it was going to fall out any minute.

What my boyfriend did then, was, naturally, tear apart the shelves to make it fit. There’s all sorts of weird spots and stripes on the wall now, but at least the TV fits.

But I have to admit, it is pretty awesome. This is a Full HD TV and we have already watched three movies since we got it, and the experience is even more intense!

What’s more, the old LCD TV? It serves as a second monitor now (you know, where your mouse pointer flows into the other monitor >.>). Our wall is now lined with monitors and TV screens, basically (not counting the hundreds of books on the other shelves). It looks ridiculous. But there’s another plus point here – I’ve found it really helps in my writing! I can have a lot of screens while writing and just glance sideways for inspiration or whatever (I have pictures opened of people who I modeled my characters’ exteriors after). It helps!

The Blog Mashup

Fun & Interesting Stuff

Scientific breakthrough: Physicists at CERN have recorded particles moving faster than light @ io9.com – this is pretty amazing.

Curried Celeriac Soup @ Serious Eats

The Atom @ Mirrors, Musings and Magic – If you know as little as physics as I do, read this post, because it will be enlightening!

What’s so bad about sugar? @ io9.com

Phylo - have some spare time and want to help the world of science? Play this game!

Writing & Related to Writing Stuff 

Three Keys to a Successful Author Platform @ Kristen Lamb

25 Virtues Writers Should Possess @ Terribleminds

Getting Feedback That Makes You Want to Cry @ Jody Hedlund

How To Make Deep POV Enrich Your Internal Dialogue @ Girls with Pens

Bust-A-Myth #1: Don’t Start Sentences With Because @ Grammar Divas

Don’t Be Fooled Into a War You’ll Lose

This Sunday’s theme song is one of my favorite songs ever, Games You Play by Splashdown. I’m sad they existed only for a short time (1996-2001) – I still think their music is brilliant. The band eventually released their music online for free, and you can download their work here.

Serious Business

I’m currently experimenting with working at home on a schedule. I usually get sucked into chores, interesting/random/pointless stuff online or with whatever else that’s vying for my attention. So far, it’s worked quite well. I can work a whole lot more structured and I actually produce something.

The following is my daily roster (and yes I don’t have a day job so I can actually do this. Don’t ask me why I didn’t before):

08:30 Get up, get a shower, etc.
09:00 Have breakfast while reading blogs, the news and do some social media
10:00 Writing time
10:45 Break
11:00 Social Media
11:15 Writing time
12:00 Break
12:15 Blog writing time
13:15 Lunch break
13:45 Social Media
14:15 Writing time
15:00 Break
15:15 Whatever remains to be done
16:00 End of the day

Total social media time: 1:45 hours
Total writing time: 2:15 hours
Total blog writing time: 1 hour
Total break time: 1:15 hours

I scheduled in a lot of breaks and spend only a short amount of time on each of the tasks. This because I know I get bored quickly and then my thoughts start to wander off. This way I can keep my brain fresh and active. I think this way I’ll become a lot more productive and I know that I need some more structure in daily life. So this is good! I’m afraid though that when Uni starts again I’ll not be able to write as much, but I guess I’ll just plan an hour or two for studying every day.

Well, I’ll continue to test this out and see what happens. I might just toy around with the blocks a little to see what works best for me.

  • Still working hard to catch up with the word count, but I trust that I’ll be able to catch up soon due to the schedule above.
  • Made a huge mind map for my main character and plot along the lines of Plot & Structure and I’m very happy with it. It cleared some things up for me about my story, too.
  • About 75% through Plot & Structure!
  • Still right on track on the blog posts :)

The Blog Mashup

Fun & Interesting stuff

People who doodle learn faster @ io9.com – I knew it!

Yellow Birthday Cake with Fluffy Chocolate Ganache Frosting @ Serious Eats – I’m considering baking this for my birthday party next week. It sounds delicious.

Two Minutes Hate: Sonic Screwdrivers @ Jay Kristoff – Jay always cracks me up with his Two Minutes of Hate Posts. And he’s right once more!

Qaddafis on the Loose @ Foreign Policy - A guide to the latest mysterious sightings of Libya’s first family as they run for cover.

Monday Musings – The Sea Turtle @ Wosushi – I thought this was such a sweet post. It will make you smile instantly.

Writing & Writing related stuff

How to Get More Readers to Your Blog @ Pushing Social – Try this out. I love Pushing Social, it always has brilliant advice.

What Does Your Character Want? @ Mystery Writing is Murder – another great post by Elizabeth Craig!

Is Free Too High a Price? @ The Creative Penn – it might surprise you but the first thing I’d do when I’d publish my book, is put it on pirate sites.

4 Tricks for Improving Your Fiction in One Day @ Victoria Mixon

Coming up next week…

Tuesday: Weird Phenomenon – The Mothman

Wednesday: #writepsych tweetchat 1 PM – 3 PM GMT-0 (look up your own timezone here)

Thursday: Top 10 - Defenses Against Criminal Charges

Friday: Psychology – Mass Psychogenic Illness (Mass Hysteria) and MY BIRTHDAY >.>

Sunday: Another blog mashup!

I Set Fire to the Rain

This Sunday’s theme song is Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain.

Mon Voyage En France

We drove all the way to the south of France in one day, which was a 15 hour drive in our Mazda Miata convertible and it was excruciatingly hot. But it was worth it.

We had a great time! We went sight-seeing a little, here and there. We went to the beach once (it was an hour or so away), we went to swim in a river once (which was closer),  we spent some time at the pool at the house… And now I actually have a tan! It makes me feel really happy, like I made full use of my summer break.

It was also very inspiring, writing-wise.

The only down point? We didn’t make any pictures. Tim’s camera’s auto-focus broke :(. Too bad, because those huge professional(-ish) cameras cost a ton! And of course, having them repaired is outrageously priced.

This week’s ROW80

Things have been extremely slow due to my trips abroad. :( Because of this I’m behind a bit on the word count! But despair not – I’m planning on setting tighter daily schedules (from 9-5) so I can focus more on writing. We’ll see how that works out.

As for reading the books on writing, I’m about halfway through Plot & Structure and it’s surprisingly good! I’ve decided to work on these exercises instead of those offered in Larry Brooks’ Story Engineering. Although Story Engineering is good, I feel Plot & Structure captures more.

As for writing and publishing my blogs, I’m right on track, although because we were driving back last Friday I couldn’t write my Friday post.

The Blog Mashup

Fun & Interesting Stuff

Charred Eggplant and Tomatoes with Harissa and Mint @ Serious Eats – I’m going to try this soon!

Claiborne House–Jefferson, TX @ Catie Rhodes – I love Catie’s Freaky Friday posts! Very scary.

NASA has released the first complete map of Antarctic ice flows @ io9.com – this video on the other hand is extremely cool.

Space Shuttle Discovery 360 view @ 360vr.com – Look at all those BUTTONS! This will make you a little dizzy, though.

A Work in Progress @ Behance.net – A 8×5 feet piece of art in progress. I thought this was very inspiring.

Writing & related to writing

Do I Need an Agent? @ Bubblecow – an interesting post.

How I do It: Live Intentionally But With Breathing Space @ Jody Hedlund – how to not get buried beneath all the work of the writer’s life.

3 Tricks for Ratcheting Tension in One Day @ Victoria Mixon

Publishing on Kindle – A Tutorial @ The Blood-Red Pencil – always useful!

Are You Lying or Laying? @ The Blood-Red Pencil – I always confuse these two myself, so this was good to read.

That’s all for this week!

Coming up next week…

Monday: Criminology - Global Drug Trafficking: Cultivation

Tuesday: Weird Phenomenon – The Raonoke Colony

Wednesday: Writer’s Tools – Random Name Generator

Thursday: Top 10 Death Traps for Psychologists

Friday: #writepsych tweetchat between 12-2 PM GMT/UTC

Sunday: Another blog mashup!

We Can Sit Here and Laugh (and a ROW80 update)

Today’s theme song is KT Tunstall’s Funnyman.

Things have been incredibly slow, lately. Somehow time flies by, but I get so little done. It’s frustrating!

ROW80 update

I have written a little less this week than normal and still haven’t caught up with my goal. But I’m still working on it. Hard.

I’m still right on track with the blogs! It feels good.

As for reading books on writing – I’m fifty pages into Plot & Structure and I love it. A great book, so far!

Another vacation coming up

Jeez, I haven’t even had the time to upload and post my pictures of London yet and now I’m going to Southern France some time next week! My mother invited us to drive down to where she’s staying at the moment. We’ll be there for a week. I’ll have internet connection and what I basically intend to do is finally really catch up with writing and social media and all that in the sun. But first, we have to drive 13 hours to get there. 

I’m really looking forward to it, though!

The Blog Mashup

Interesting & Fun Stuff

Test color : free of charge personality test. - I thought this was pretty interesting, but I’m also a little skeptical. Now, my results pretty much confirmed to me that I’m awesome, but I wonder if others maybe get the same results. Take the test and share your results here so we can put it to the test!

Dinner Tonight: Chickpea Stew with Eggplants, Tomatoes, and Peppers @ Serious Eats

The Expert @ WoSushi – Know the difference between experts and self-proclaimed experts. A great post!

Do Electronic Devices Really Need to Be Turned Off During Takeoff and Landing? @ Lifehacker – I never turn off my electronic gadgets. I’m still alive, which you’d think is a miracle if you consider how aggressive flight attendants get over them.

Riot psychology @ Mind Hacks – a must read.

Writing & Related to writing

How Do I Find An Agent? @ Bubblecow – this is a post to bookmark.

How To Write A Query Letter @ Rachelle Gardner – *the definitive guide*. That says it all.

A History of Steampunk – Part 4: Codification @ Jay Kristoff – yes, more steampunk!

The Importance of Covers @ Mystery Writing is Murder – I’m not afraid to admit I buy books based on its covers. What about you?

Coming Up…

Tuesday: Weird Phenomenon – Bimini Road

Wednesday: #writepsych tweetchat on character development and psychology, Time TBA.

Thursday: Top 10 Drugs Movies

Friday: Psychology - Mass Psychogenic Illness

Sunday: Another blog mashup!



Tuesday Catch-up?

Wow, I’ve never been this late with my mash-up, but what the hell!

I was away for the weekend, to London. I had taken my laptop with me because I wanted to write my blogs and some fiction in any way. Right at the first evening I decided it was not going to work. First, because there was no free wifi at the hotel (£5 per hour’s a tad much if you ask me), second, I was too tired. We walked for hours on end all day, and at night, I was just glad I could lay down and close my eyes.

So, the blog and writing went on short hiatus. I had an amazing time, though :D As soon as we have pictures uploaded, I’ll write up another travel post.

Last thing I’d like to say is that everyone should at least have visited London once in their life time. What an amazing city.

The Mashup

Fun & Interesting stuff

The Pixar Medley @ Youtube – I love Pixar and I love the movies’ theme songs. Naturally, I love this video. (Keep in mind that all instruments are played by one dude) (And now I want to watch all those movies again!)

SF Gateway puts tons of out-of-print SF classics online as e-books @ io9.com – oh yes :>

How the Internet Changes What We Remember @ Lifehacker

Frogs are dying in record numbers. Now you can help scientists study this problem.  @ io9.com

Writing & related stuff

Thinking Global @ A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing – I love Joe Konrath’s realistic view on things.

Google+ @ Mystery Writing is Murder – a wonderful post on G+ and some interesting links.

How To Market Your Book @ Rachelle Gardner – a brilliant collection of links. A must-save!

Grammar ABCs: D is for Dashes @ The Blood-Red Pencil

Coming up this week…

Wednesday: Character Psychology Tweetchat: #writepsych from 6-8 PM GTC (figure out what time zone you’re in here - I’m in UTC+2)

Thursday: Top 10 Famous Dutch People

Friday: Sensory Psychology Chart for Fiction Writers, a guest blog by C.M. Stewart

Sunday: Another mashup!

I’m planning on sharing my travel report of London on Saturday, but that’s open for change.